Robin Street Neighbourhood Watch

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Staying safe is our top priority as the neighborhood watch. We work together to look out for one another and the children within our community. If you are a resident of Sault Ste. Marie or the surrounding area, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind that can help to protect yourself from common crimes in the area, such as car thefts, vandalism, and break-ins. Some of the most common safety tips to remember while installing security cameras or implementing new safety measures around your home include:
  • Connect with neighbors as well as members of the neighborhood watch to learn more about video cameras and security systems in the area. Inquire about potentially dangerous streets or areas that are rife with local crime.
  • Install security cameras or an entire security system that is easily accessible with the use of your web browser or smartphone app. Using security systems such as Ring is one of the best ways to monitor your home and surrounding property while simultaneously keeping in contact with those in your nearby area.
  • Join online social media groups that are dedicated to the community of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Joining online groups will provide you with insights into the happenings in your community and your surroundings. Additionally, joining online groups for your local community is another way to voice your own opinions, concerns, and crime sightings.
  • Report suspicious behavior to your local neighborhood watch, especially if it is not yet a police matter. Suspicious behavior may include unknown persons acting suspiciously in your neighborhood, strange and unknown vehicles parking for extended periods of time, or blatant crimes occurring in the area.

Additionally, the members of the neighborhood watch including the leader of Robin St Martin Tremblay also take their duties and responsibilities seriously when it comes to protecting the local
community. Some ways our local neighborhood watch helps to improve overall safety in the area include:

  • Joining private online groups with the use of our website as well as with approved social media platforms that are right for our community.
  • Participating in events, meetings, and gatherings to ensure the continuation of our local neighborhood watch.
  • Informing others of suspicious individuals, vehicles, and incidents throughout the neighborhood.
  • Reviewing security footage and video that may assist in finding criminals, even if the crime does not impact you directly.
  • Knowing how to access, record, edit, download, and share videos as well as any other type of photographic or video evidence collected in the neighborhood.
  • Making police reports once information is gathered, assessed, organized, and shared thoroughly with a definite suspect identified.
  • Sharing news and updates that are occurring in real-time throughout the community with residents online, offline, and throughout the community watch organization itself.
  • Creating methods of communication that are relevant to watch group members as well as current residents in the area. Designating roles to individuals to help with supervision members of the watch as well as those in charge of executing and implementing neighborhood watch plans of action.
  • Keeping track of crime rate maps as well as maps that include crimes and sightings that occur in real-time for accuracy and record-keeping purposes. Updating maps as well as live real-time reports not only on our official website, but also across all relevant social media accounts and pages.