Robin Street Neighbourhood Watch

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With our neighborhood watch organization, our mission is to give back to our local community
while keeping it safe for families and individual residents alike. We do not currently receive
government funding or various grants, as our organization is locally funded by people in our Robin St, community who want to contribute and give back.

We want to provide a welcoming and open forum for community members to share their sightings, concerns, and other
relevant information with local residents. Sharing your eyes and ears with neighbors throughout the community can help
to ensure our neighborhoods and surrounding districts remain safe and free from potential danger at all times.

In addition to joining our local neighborhood watch chapter, it is also possible to access our local news page to report
crime sightings or to simply share interesting and relevant information about the community.

Because Sault Ste. Marie encompasses two neighborhoods and two schools, we believe it is our civic duty to keep these
districts safe and protected. We believe we can do that best by working together with our neighborhood watch
throughout the community.

We strive to maintain values that reflect our community and the vision we have for it as a collective. As a neighborhood watch organization, we aspire to be:
  • Welcoming: We want to remain welcoming and inclusive to all people who choose to join our organization and/or our local community.
  • Community-oriented: We put a strong emphasis on community-oriented communication and teamwork to ensure that all members of our local community have an opportunity to participate in changes, decisions, and discussions.
  • Proactive: We strive to remain proactive at all times to prevent missing potential criminal activity or suspicious behavior, especially near schools and nearby school districts.
  • Collaborative: Our neighborhood watch group strives to work as a team, whether we are launching a new project, working together with local police, or even planning a special event for members of the community.

Our neighborhood watch group works and collaborates together with one another to report suspicious activities and persons in local neighborhoods near school districts and surrounding areas in Sault Ste. Marie.

Using mobile smartphones, messenger applications, and web-based tools, we keep members of the community informed at all times so every member of the watch has an opportunity to look out for one another.

Because it is not always possible for local police officers and departments to conduct thorough and complete investigations on property crimes and theft, a neighborhood watch is extremely beneficial. Being a part of the neighborhood watch also provides you with an opportunity to get to know more about your surrounding areas, risky locations, as well as potentially dangerous individuals that should be avoided.

We work together to report potential crimes and sightings that are worthy of reporting to the neighborhood watch and/or to local police units. We believe in assisting the local police by providing adequate video evidence, photographs, and witness reports to expedite the process of catching and arresting criminals from the nearby community.

Residents who choose to work with the local neighborhood watch as well as residents who live in Sault Ste. Marie and its surrounding districts will have access to various crime maps that are updated as much as possible in real-time.
Joining a local community neighborhood watch is not ideal to get to know other members of your community as well as your own neighbors, but it also provides the following advantages:
  • Instant communication: As a member of the local neighborhood watch, stay in the loop with instant communication tools such as web-based tools, messaging apps, and even group texts.
  • Access to social media insights: Learn what is happening and being reported throughout the neighborhood in real-time with our neighborhood watch social media accounts and online presence. We use social media to help share updates and news in real-time with other members of the community neighborhood watch as well as local residents, even if they are not a part of the watch themselves. While some neighborhood watch organizations use social media to work on identifying and solving crimes without the assistance of the police, we strive to provide collective tips and witness reports to our local police units for optimal outcomes and to help reduce the overall local crime rate.
  • Share news and updates: Have access to an entire forum to share local relevant news and updates as they pertain to the nearby neighborhood as well as crimes.
  • Making connections: Make connections with local leaders of the neighborhood watch as well as fellow members of your nearby community. We pride ourselves on connecting with those near us to keep a proactively safe environment at all times.
  • Make changes: If you are interested in making serious, yet helpful changes to the community and neighborhoods of Sault Ste. Marie, consider joining the neighborhood watch. We work alongside local officials as well as police units to ensure safety and proper community changes as necessary. If you want your voice to be heard in the community, join us today!

We all lead busy lives, so it is understandable that some are hesitant to join local neighborhood watches and community groups. You may be hesitant to join a local neighborhood watch for fear that it will become extremely time- consuming or even potentially invasive when it comes to your privacy. However, we strongly encourage members of the local community to join us, as playing an active role in the local neighborhood watch does not require more time than watching a television show each month.

As a member of the neighborhood watch, joining our online website and social media groups only requires a few minutes of your time. Once you have registered as a member of the local neighborhood watch online, you can then get started by sharing your own thoughts, tips, ideas, and even local concerns you have on your mind.

Checking in on local group members and chapters that are relevant to you based on your location should also only take up a few minutes of your time each day. Reading posts, responding to relevant sightings, and even checking your home security cameras does not require but a few minutes each day to keep your neighborhood running smoothly and with little to no crime. By working together and putting in an effort to patrol our individual communities and neighborhoods, we believe we can help to make Sault St. Marie a safe and protected place for all of our children.