Robin Street Neighbourhood Watch

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Whether you are a part of our local neighborhood watch or if you are simply a resident who lives in Sault Ste. Marie or nearby St. Mary’s French Immersion Catholic School, it is possible to report a crime through our community watch groups or even with the use of this website. The community and Martin Tremblay are interested in the following reports, regardless of your membership status:

  • Supicious individuals: Report suspicious individuals if they are not known in the community or behaving in a way that is not common or socially acceptable.
  • Suspicious vehicles: If there is an unfamiliar vehicle parked near the school, a nearby park, or even your own home, consider reporting it, especially if it is sitting for an extended period of time. Other neighbors and members of the local neighborhood watch can then also monitor the situation to prevent potential criminal activity.
  • Property theft: Whether you witness property theft in real-time or if you wake up to something that was stolen from you, it is important to report the crime to the local neighborhood watch. Many of the residents in Sault Ste. Marie now utilizes security systems, allowing for better monitoring of situations such as property theft. Even if you do not have a security system in place and missed the theft yourself, there is still a chance that another neighbor or nearby resident may have captured the thief and/or suspect on the video themselves.
  • Vandalism: Keeping an eye on local vandalism is a top priority for our local neighborhood watch, especially as the crime rate continues to grow throughout Sault Ste. Marie and its surrounding communities. If you spot vandalism but there is no current suspect nearby, consider taking a photo or video of the graffiti and vandalism itself to share online and throughout the neighborhood watch groups you have joined. Other nearby residents and neighbors may provide tips to help in catching the vandal if they are familiar with the location and type of graffiti or vandalism themselves.