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Robin Street

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Providing peace of mind to the residents of Robin St., Sault Ste. Marie Since 2020

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In today’s world, you can never be too safe, especially when it comes to your children. If
you are currently a resident of Robin Street, Sault Ste. Marie or the surrounding area, and you are interested in aiding with a
neighbourhood watch, consider joining our local organization.

Our neighbourhood watch organization focuses on the local area of Saul Ste. Marie with a heavy emphasis on watching over
the Manitou Park area. In addition to monitoring the Manitou Park area, we also cover the surrounding school districts of St.
Mary’s French Immersion Catholic School. Our center is located on Robin Street, near the St.
Mary’s French Immersion Catholic School for optimized reach and distance.

What We Do @ Robin Street

What is a
Neighbourhood Watch?


A neighbourhood watch is typically a community-organized group of individuals and parents
who have a vested interest in keeping their children and surrounding neighbourhood safe. With
our team, we believe that there is certainly power in numbers, especially when
it comes to keeping an eye on our children, even when they are outside of the home.

Our neighbourhood watch involves monitoring local surrounding distracts of the St. Mary’s French Immersion Catholic School and reporting suspicious behaviors and witnessed crimes as they occur. Working together, we
hope to build a community that is not only safe, but one that is inclusive, welcoming, and community oriented.


A cornerstone of a successful neighbourhood watch organization is teamwork and the willingness to work together to create a thriving, safe, and sustainable local community. Our local organization members want to make Robin Street the safest street in Canada, by sharing crime prevention tips as well as tips regarding local areas that may require additional monitoring or supervision.

Additionally, residents of Robin Street & Sault Ste. Marie can also assist with leading local community projects and hosting fundraises as well as other relevant social events for individuals members of the community as well as small businesses alike.


On Robin St, we not only want to improve safety for our own children but also for surrounding neighbourhoods and communities. We strive to work not only with local businesses and organizations to keep our children and community members safe from harm, but also with various organizations and area groups that help with outreach and the expansion of our watch.

Working alongside supported area groups and associations is a way for us to maximize our ability to reach those in need of assistance, guidance, or protection. In addition to working with local businesses and individuals, we also strive to work together with local councils, police organizations, and other crime prevention organizations to ensure the overall safety of our children and local residents.

If you are a parent in the Sault Ste. Marie area or if you want to simply lend a helping hand in the community, consider joining our neighbourhood watch movement and organization. Joining us will provide you with additional information on how to get started as well as meeting times, locations, and any requirements we have for current and prospective neighborhood watch members. You don’t need to live on Robin Street!


Joining a neighbourhood watch group or organization is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your local community and its surroundings, especially as
times change and local landscapes continuously shift. As a member of the local neighbourhood watch, receive alerts and updates whenever a crime is
spotted, captured, or reported.

Stay “in the know” in terms of safe areas and areas that have increased crime. Keep your children from visiting potentially dangerous or risky areas as a neighbourhood watch member who is aware and alert of surrounding crimes in the area.

Receive regular updates via email as well as other messaging platforms to keep all members of the neighbourhood watch in the loop at all times. Work together with other nearby members of the neighbourhood watch to monitor children and nearby activity for one another, keeping the community safe as much as possible without providing criminals with an opportunity to cause harm or malice.

Gain access to additional toolkits as well as various media campaigns to share with other members of the community and in local chapters or schemes you have joined.
Downloadable and printed materials help to spread the message of the local community while keeping other citizens informed of your actions, purpose, mission, as well as your center and whereabouts. The current center location for the local neighbourhood watch surrounding the St. Mary’s French Immersion Catholic School is located on Robin Street.

Get to know other members of the local community, even if you are a new resident who has just recently moved into the area with your own family. Joining our local organization is one of the quickest ways to immerse yourself in the community while making friends for you and even for your children.


By joining our neighbourhood watch or by simply using this website, take part in reporting a crime such as a theft or a robbery you have witnessed.
Using our reporting tool is one of the quickest ways to help identify potential criminals who are lurking and residing within our community.

Our goal is to ultimately create a safe space for our children as well as our respective neighbors by working together in a community-centered manner. By joining our neighborhood watch organization, get to know other members of the local community while gaining peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part to keep the children and our neighbors safe at all times.